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Easter message

From Bishop-elect the Reverend Sean Semple: A few years ago I remember a parishioner saying—with wonder in their voice—that all of life is found in the events of Holy Week. The readings and liturgy of this week, and their theological arc from despair to hope and from death to life mirror experiences of our own lives. We are reminded of our great hopes and fears, of betrayals experienced and suffering endured, of victories and new beginnings; but above all we are reminded of the irrepressible and unconditional love of God.

In Jesus we see God’s unwavering attention to and concern for people. To those thronging the streets of Jerusalem shouting “hosanna”—a plea for God to save—Jesus came as a Saviour of the world. At the Last Supper, anxious disciples had their feet washed in an extraordinary demonstration of love, and of power made perfect in service. The disciples were then nourished in body and soul as the Eucharist was instituted. Even in the injustice and brutality of the crucifixion, Jesus offered salvation to a thief, and showed his care for his mother and beloved disciple. When Jesus “burst from the spiced tomb” the victory of divine love over death and evil was proclaimed, and he immediately offered peace, forgiveness, and a renewed call for his bewildered disciples to follow him, and to proclaim his good news.

Wherever you are during Holy Week; wherever you find yourself celebrating the joy of Easter Sunday, I pray that the Pascal Mystery may draw you into an experience of the unwavering love and victory of God. Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!

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