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Maggie moves on

Retreats Facilitator Maggie Le-Roy is leaving the Diocese to join the Transforming Southall and Hounslow team at St John’s in London, where she will be responsible for setting up a retreats programme serving 13 churches, and provide spiritual direction for Lay leaders in training.

Maggie has been based in Cyprus since 2003 when Bishop Clive invited her to set up a diocesan retreats programme, including Katafiyio—“a place of refuge”—in the mountains of Troodos.

Maggie’s reach extends across the Diocese to the wider Province and beyond, including Lebanon, Egypt and Yemen, where she has supported many on their spiritual journeys.

Youth work has been a particular focus of Maggie’s ministry, including ten years with Youth for Christ in Lebanon, and Chill—a group for teenagers set up in her early days at St Paul’s Cathedral in Nicosia.

Deborah Graham, Standing Committee member from St Helena Larnaca, went on her first—and several more—retreats with Maggie, describing “an inspirational person but so unassuming”. Deborah speaks for the Diocese when she says, “I will miss Maggie, and wish her all the very best for her next adventure.”