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New Archdeacon in the Gulf

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Archbishop Michael is delighted to announce that the Reverend Dr Michael Mbona, parish priest of St Paul Kuwait, is to be licensed as Archdeacon in the Gulf with effect from 1 May 2022.

“I greatly look forward to working collaboratively with Fr Michael on my senior team, and know that he will bring perspective, wisdom, and diligence to everything he undertakes,” says Archbishop Michael.

The appointment will follow the retirement of the Venerable Bill Schwartz, who has discharged his responsibilities as archdeacon alongside his principal ministry as Dean of St Christopher’s Cathedral, Bahrain. Fr Michael will similarly continue in his principal ministry, as senior priest in Kuwait.

Prior to arriving in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, Fr Michael served as both archdeacon and cathedral dean in Zimbabwe, in the Province of Central Africa.

The task of overseeing, sustaining and making known the Diocese’s presence and work in Aden—at Christ Church and the Ras Morbat Clinic—will be taken on by Archdeacon Christopher Futcher.

“My prayers are in particular for all the parishes, churches, laity and clergy of the Gulf archdeaconry, as well as for the flourishing, despite these difficult times, of the whole of our remarkable diocese. Please join me in praying above all for Fr Michael, his wife Mama Christine, and their family together with the people of St Paul Kuwait.”

In Christ our Lord.

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