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Archbishop Hosam at COP28

Archbishop Hosam has addressed COP28 participants meeting in the UAE, saying that the summit’s efforts to tackle climate change can “contribute to the conversation about reconciliation”, as the war in Gaza continues.

“I believe all people of faith and good will are watching with grief and devastation at the killing of innocents on every side,” said Archbishop Hosam. “But it’s also important for me to be here to advocate for peace, for a ceasefire, for the end of war, and for both Palestinians and Israelis to be able to live a decent and secure life.

“I believe that, as much as we have to keep advocating for human rights, we have to keep advocating for the well-being of our climate, of our earth, of our environment, because that is home for us. I believe talking about climate change, even in the midst of conflict, will contribute to the conversation about reconciliation, about coming together, about common ground.

“That is why I think being here at COP28 will add to the conversation that conflict and violence are not an end in themselves. We need to bring all the positive, hope-filled factors to the conversation, so that we can bring transformation to our troubled world and region.”

Below: Archbishop Hosam at Christ Church Jebel Ali, which, alongside the World Council of Churches and the Middle East Council of Churches, hosted two major events for COP28—the Talonoa Dialogue on 30 November and an ecumenical service on 2 December

Main photo credit: Church Times