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Bahrain helps Gaza Ramadan campaign    

St Christopher’s Cathedral in Bahrain has been thanked for its response to the Save a Life in Gaza campaign, organised by local media company Gulf Daily News.

“Kind-hearted Christians have ‘risen’ to the Easter challenge issued by the dean of St Christopher’s Cathedral in support of the GDN’s Save a Life in Gaza Ramadan campaign,” read the article published on Monday. (Click image below to view.)

“As parishioners and supporters flocked to the premises in Manama, as well as Awali Church yesterday to mark Easter Sunday, they opened their hearts and donated baby milk and food supplements in support of families devastated during the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

“We took up the GDN campaign as a continuation of our attempts to help those affected by this conflict,” the Very Reverend Dr Richard Fermer told the GDN.

“For Easter, we turned around the altar of the Cathedral to represent the empty tomb of Jesus Christ and we had offered a challenge to fill it with food supplements and dried baby milk, as a symbol of hope and new life and the passage from darkness to light, hatred to love.

“The response has been phenomenal and between the two churches in Manama and Awali, we have managed to fill the tomb and then some!”

The GDN campaign was organised in partnership with the Bahrain Red Crescent Society and the Palestine Red Crescent Society, which has called for donations of hygiene kits, dignity kits, baby milk and food supplements, and medical equipment.

The donations received were blessed, and prayers of hope offered.

Parish Easter services in Bahrain included a Tamil-language Easter Sunday dawn service, led by the Reverend Dr Franklin Isaac, who also serves the Mission to Seafarers.