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Deacons in the Church of God

Christine Mbona and Innocent Ekpeluchi have been made deacons in separate Ascensiontide eucharists, to great rejoicing.

At St Paul Kuwait on Friday 19 May 2023 Bishop Michael presided at a liturgy centred on Christine that also included the authorizing of several Lay Worship Leaders to serve the various language streams of the parish, English, Mandarin, and Urdu, as well as the welcome of a new member of the Mothers’ Union

At St Martin Sharjah on Sunday 21 May Innocent, who is to serve at Christ Church Jebel Ali, was supported by very large numbers. The fully choral service also celebrated the sacrament of confirmation, with candidates from St Andrew Abu Dhabi and from the migrant labour ministries as well as Sharjah.

Pray for the Reverend Christine Mbona and the Reverend Innocent Ekpeluchi, their families, and the churches that have nurtured them as well as those at which they will minister as deacons.