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Gulf churches thanked for emergency provisions

Authorities in the UAE have been working hard to resolve ongoing challenges in areas afflicted by severe flooding. Volunteers from local churches have joined in the effort, distributing food, water, sanitary towels, and other essentials to communities—Christian and non-Christian alike.

Parts of Sharjah have been particularly affected. The entrances to high-rise buildings in some parts remain waterlogged and power cuts mean lifts are out of order, leaving residents and volunteers to climb numerous flights of stairs to deliver provisions to those in need.

Their gratitude was moving, thanking volunteers for undertaking the difficult journey to reach them, as well as the church, and the Diocese for its support and prayers.

“We are happy to be part of these blessings from your church and her leadership,” said one resident to volunteers from Christ Church Jebel Ali. “We send our vote of thanks and prayers to you all.” 

Photo credit: Manisha Cornelius