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JMECA appeal: St Luke’s Hospital Nablus

(A message from JMECA Chair the Right Reverend Anthony Ball) This year JMECA is asking Christians to dedicate their Good Friday or Easter Offering to support St Luke’s Hospital in Nablus, run by the Diocese of Jerusalem, and to join together in prayer for our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.  

For over 130 years, Anglican church congregations have supported the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East through the Good Friday Offering, showing their support for the presence and witness of Christians in the region. This year, the situation in Israel/Palestine is in the news and on our hearts and so all donations given to the Good Friday Offering via JMECA will be directed to support St Luke’s Hospital in the West Bank.
St Luke’s Hospital is the only charitable hospital in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, where it offers a full range of medical services and boasts particularly well-regarded neurosurgery, obstetrics, and neonatal departments. This diocesan institution provides healthcare to all, regardless of their ability to pay, focusing on the most vulnerable people.

The Gaza war has caused severe economic hardship in both Gaza and the West Bank, which will certainly have short- and long-term consequences that have already begun to spread through all of the occupied Palestinian territory. Read more about the wider impact on the Jerusalem diocese on the Good Friday Offering page.
The services offered by this 119-year-old hospital are a lifeline for the 15,000 patients seen at its outpatient clinic each year. The hospital aims to provide medical care for all who are in need, regardless of race, religion, or financial status, and to serve almost 350,000 people living in the Northern area of Palestine, Nablus city and the villages in the surrounding area. It does all this as an expression of Christian commitment to the welfare of this Palestinian community.

Please make a donation to the annual Good Friday/Easter Appeal or ask your church to take up a collection this Easter for St Luke’s Hospital, to enable the Diocese of Jerusalem to meet the increased demand on their healthcare ministry.

Yours in Christ,
The Rt Revd Anthony Ball

Donate online via the JMECA CAF link