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Oman reconfigured: the church of St John Muscat

At a eucharist in the Sultanate of Oman on 13 April, attended by about 100 people, Archbishop Michael marked the emergence of the church and congregation of St John Muscat as a result of the reconfiguring of Anglican presence in the country. He also confirmed two young candidates, Isabel and David, and shared in the celebrations that followed.

Until the end of January 2023 the Reverend Chris Howitz, like Anglican priests ministering in Oman before him for a number of decades, had been locally under the auspices of the PCO, which was originally set up as a formal partnership between the Reformed Church in America and the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf. Notice of the termination of his remuneration by the PCO gave the opportunity for a fresh start and the church of St John is the result.

Fellow Christians who have continued with the PCO were present, as well as representatives of the RCA and staff of the Al Amana Centre along with Fr Drew Schmotzer, Anglican parish priest of St Martin Sharjah.